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Medical ID Cards and Key Tags with Company sponsored logo which provides critical medical data in an emergency. 24/7 accessibility, computerized medical files to medical personnel when time is of the essence. Your very own personal medical repository that only YOU have access to.

In an emergency situation, you may not be able to speak and give vital information concerning your health. Medical providers must sometimes treat accident victims without having any basic medical information about the individual or any way to contact someone who could provide crucial information.

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Logon to During an Emergency

Allow medics or other personnel to save your life by evaluating your invaluable medical information stored
in a secure web repository that is accessible by logging in your Emergency Pin (located on your FirstAidData card) at

Luggage tags, card and keytag combo, rearview mirror hangers was created by a frequent solo business traveler for all his fellow solo business travelers. First Aid Data Tags are not only a great way to give you a piece of mind when on the road, but also a nice gesture to share with everyone.